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Colocation Services in Australia

Running a data centre is one of the larger challenges growing companies have. This is evident among those organisations to host their data storage infrastructure within Australia, giving them complete control over the handling and managing of data.

However, finding a place where they can store servers and other computing hardware is not easy. You also must also factor in the security of the premises to ensure that the facility will keep your data safe from online threats.

But instead of worrying about these issues and others, you can simply sign up for colocation services to make things easier.


Firstly, colocation, also known as a “colo” or “co locate”, is the process of renting space for your server hardware in a third-party data centre.
Once you sign up for a colocation data centre, you can share servers and rack space with some clients and access its resources from its intuitive user interface (UI).

Most colocations run on Tier III data centres. These facilities provide power and space to hold your data safely and securely.


There are many practical reasons why collocation makes much more sense for your business than setting up a private data center facility. Below are the most important ones:


Colocation data centers allow you and other clients to access their resources for efficiently collecting, managing, and storing business data.

Because data center owners are leasing their facilities to multiple customers, they can command competitive prices for each, instead of building a private data center from scratch. So, you can save money as one of their clients, while enjoying its premium services.


Storing pertinent information in a data center ensures availability—you want to fetch data quickly and without fail.

However, on-premises infrastructure can sometimes be unreliable, which leads to your services operating with a low uptime. This means – for example – you can’t access the information from your data centers because the application or service is down for a period.

You won’t have this issue in a colo site. The best co located data centres have at least a 99.982% service level agreement (SLA) uptime, i.e., the data centre is only unavailable for 1 hour, 34 minutes, and 36.48 seconds in a year (equivalent to 15 seconds a day).

The minimal downtime gives your business better control over accessing your data.


Being an on-demand solution, the co locate data centre caters to your needs. You can choose how much server and rack space is appropriate for your business from a colocation’s offered plans.

As your needs evolve over time, you can switch your plan to provide you with more hardware space to accommodate more information you need to manage.


The best co location services offer different security levels to ensure the safety of your data.

They protect your data stored on your equipment in the centre from online threats and unauthorized access through sophisticated services like data encryption, DDoS attack prevention, AI-powered risk profiling, and more.

Finally, data redundancies are in place to create backups for your data in case the infrastructure breaks down due to natural disasters.


Now that you know the positive impact colocation brings to your business, it’s time to choose one that suits your needs. Below are factors you must consider:


Colocation services offer two leading solutions to customers that dictate their prices: power circuits and rack space.

The most common pricing model for power-based colocation solutions is the per-circuit approach. i.e., you pay a flat rate for the solution regardless of how much you use it.

Other options include metered power billing (you pay based on how much kW your hardware consumes over a period) and power capacity kW billing (you commit to using a fixed amount of kW; going over the limit requires you to pay a steep fine).
Colocations sell rack space as single or shared cabinets for servers or private suits with at least five racks, offering better flexibility.

Most colocation services combine solutions to provide customers with plans that cater to their demands.

For instance, cabinets with flat-rate circuits give clients between one to four lockable cabinets that can deliver between 2-17kw, depending on their power capacity and cooling capabilities.


Just important as online security in colo is hardware and physical security.

Ensure that the collocation only allows authorized personnel to access your equipment and the infrastructure. There must be CCTV monitoring, 24/7 guard patrol, and visitor screenings for added protection.

Another physical security layer you must consider is if the colocation meets compliance certifications. Being HIPAA- and PCI DSS-compliant, among others, show their clients that they are maintaining their storage facilities and practices are up to the most acceptable standards.


We’ve already touched upon the benefits of going with colocation services and their different services. So, make sure that the colocation offers all of these, if not more.

Aside from reliability, scalability, and security, your site should have a partner marketplace. This allows you to hook up with network connectivity partners such as cloud and telco providers. They help connect your business to your audience worldwide by increasing its visibility.


Choosing an Australian data centre is a no-brainer for your co location requirements. The proximity allows you to access your data much faster and have access to local customer support.

Data centres in this country are transparent with their SLAs, so you know what you’re getting from their co location solutions for your hardware. They also comply with data regulations to observe the latest and best industry practices.


Private Cloud Co’s colocation solutions have top-notch facilities, with a network of tier III data centres at 99.982% uptime, N+1 redundancy, and 72+ hours of power outage protection. This enables you to have peace of mind, knowing that your co location data is safe and sound regardless of any situation.


If you’re ready to take your data to a colo, make the move to Private Cloud Co. We offer high-speed and redundant network paths to ensure better connectivity and capabilities, all with a flat pricing structure designed to suit your business.

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