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What is Next Gen Antivirus

Next-gen antivirus (NGAV) is a new approach to antivirus software that uses advanced technologies and techniques to detect and prevent malware, and other types of cyber threats.

Conventional antivirus programs typically rely on detecting malware at the endpoint or user, with this approach becoming less effective as cyber threats become more complex and attackers use more modern techniques such as fileless malware, cloud-based malware, and other sophisticated techniques.

According to VMWare, a pioneer in NGAV technology, ‘next-generational antivirus takes traditional antivirus software to a new, advanced level of endpoint security protection. It goes beyond known file-based malware signatures and heuristics because it’s a system-centric, cloud-based approach’.

Next-gen antivirus uses various detection techniques, such as machine learning, AI and behaviour observing to detect and prevent threats. These advanced methods allow antivirus solutions to examine the behaviour of files and processes looking for signs of malicious activity in real time, allowing the NGAV to detect and block if required.

Next-gen antivirus products, such as those available from VMWare, Microsoft et al, also have more advanced security features than previous antivirus software apps, such as intrusion detection and prevention, firewall protection, and tougher endpoint protection.
Generally speaking, next-generation antivirus products are designed to provide more complete protection against advanced cyber threats, those that are ever-rising.

How does this Next Gen Antivirus work?

Next Gen Antivirus uses varied ways to provide better protection against todays threats. This can be via:

-The use of cloud-based information, which allows for real-time updates, to stay ahead of threats.
-Focusing on threat detection and prevention rather than signature-based malware detection, which can be easily bypassed by attackers using custom malware.
-Using behavioural analysis and algorithms to detect and prevent sophisticated malware and attacks.
-Monitoring all system activity to identify unusual behaviour and untrustworthy patterns.

Why does traditional antivirus no longer provide best protection?

Traditional antivirus software is designed to protect against known viruses and malware. It does this by using signature-based detection, where the antivirus program scans files on a computer and compares them against a database of known malwares.

However, modern malware and viruses are becoming more sophisticated and complex, making it difficult for older antivirus software to keep up. Modern malware creators use techniques such as encryption to make their malware undetectable by an older-style signature-based antivirus.
Malware creators also use social engineering tactics to trick users into downloading and installing malicious software, which can avoid antivirus protection altogether.

Best-practice use:

Overall, NGAV is designed to provide more advanced and effective protection against modern malware threats. By using a combination of behaviour analysis, machine learning, cloud-based detection, and other advanced techniques, NGAV certainly provides better threat detection than traditional and simpler signature-based antivirus solutions.

What solutions do we recommend?

At saberVox and Private Cloud Co, we both use and recommend two platforms that ensure best-practice coverage and safeguards: – Microsoft’s Defender and VMWare’s Carbon Black