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Fixed Fee Helpdesk

Business Guidance and Support

Fixed Fee Helpdesk

Business management is often challenging, but with our Helpdesk support, your staff will always have all their IT queries handled swiftly.

Our Fixed Fee Level 1 Helpdesk is used to resolve most day-to-day issues you may experience.

We can help navigate issues such as resetting passwords, hardware or software issues, varied office networking challenges etc. through to more complex issues worked through by our team of engineers.

Utilising our learned team for all your helpdesk issues allows businesses to flatten budgets; negating the need for an onsite IT department.

Support when you need it

Our frontline team of Level 1 helpdesk officers and engineers affords you all the tech support your business needs, without the costly overheads. Saving you money and strengthened business continuity.

Our highly experienced team are here to support you with your needs. We have a dedicated team of helpdesk operators located in Australia to assist you either on-site or remotely via remote desktop connection, phone or email.

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