saberVox Cloud Solutions offers a range of networking and communication solutions enabling businesses to work efficiently. We partner with industry leading providers to strengthen our service offering ensuring we provide the best possible solutions to our clients.

Private Managed Wide Area Network (WAN)

Regardless of how many locations your office is spread across, saberVox can seamlessly connect multi-site organisations and create efficiencies via the use of shared resources. So regardless of your physical location or device being used, in the office or working remotely, saberVox can build a solution enabling all your staff and sites to connect to the same resources. This in turn simplifies security issues, with the one firewall being used for the entire organisation

  • Managed Firewalls using industry leading intrusion detection software

At saberVox, we control our client’s internet connections, which in turn means that we’re aware of any issues at the time of impact and can begin working on an immediate fix, lessening the possibility of any negative impacts your business.

  • Ability to link multiple offices in metro and regional locations
  • Quality of Service (QoS)

We prioritise your organisations traffic, giving priority to most critical applications.

  • Traffic shaping and inspection of content

saberVox also has the ability to manage your network settings. Our team manage content and block any unwanted browsing, plus set up alerts and blocks if required.

Data Centre and Public Cloud Interconnects

saberVox partners with other industry leading providers to strengthen our cloud offering, ensuring that your organisation gets the best, most diversified offering available.

  • Connect you into public cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, BlueMix, Google

To find out how saberVox can manage all of your networking and communications needs, contact our team today on 1300 788 515 or sign up here