saberVox provides smart, reliable and flexible cloud solutions and managed IT services for Enterprise, SME and Service Providers. 

Our Managed IT solutions powered by Regional IT, and our cloud services powered by PrivateCloudCo, are built on a well proven, robust, secure and recognised industry leading design. As security and on-demand access to your data and business systems are critical to your operations, saberVox provides a firm foundation for your business continuity.

Ensuring that your use of technology is both easy and efficient is integral to our business practices. Our client-focussed operations help make the complex simple. Benefits of cloud-based computing are considerable.

You can have confidence that by choosing a local, innovative, well-established, and focussed IT business will bring you peace-of-mind. Now, in our third iteration of cloud services, saberVox has the expertise and experience to lead you in your digital journey.

We are all about smart solutions for our clients – no matter your size or your requirements.

  • Fast set-up
  • No minimum usage levels
  • Highly secure
  • Remove inefficiencies
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to deal with
  • Known monthly budget for IT services

Informed people + strong ideas + clever technology = smart innovation