Dell Technologies Cloud

Dell Technologies is delivering a new Dell Technologies Cloud solution, powered by Dell EMC, the #1-ranked cloud IT infrastructure provider, and co-engineered with VMware to offer consistent operations and infrastructure across private, public and edge locations. Customers can bring the benefits of cloud to their datacenters; transfer operations, management, and security best practices to all clouds, and extend them to the edge, while simplifying cloud management and reducing operating costs.

Dell Technologies Cloud Storage

Modernise existing infrastructure for a multi-cloud world with cloud storage and data protection. Dell Technologies cloud storage solutions deliver capabilities to make the cloud work for the business through the ability to extend on premises data centers to cloud, deploying our infrastructure in public clouds or consuming it as a native service, and providing tools to proactively manage and monitor data from anywhere with cloud-based analytics.

Dell Technologies Cloud Data Protection

Modernize existing infrastructure for a multi-cloud world with data protection solutions for every step in your Cloud journey. Dell Technologies Cloud Data Protection solutions keep your data safe across private, edge and public Clouds. Reduce business risk, meet regulatory compliance easily and optimize both costs and Cloud disaster recovery capabilities while maintaining data control across your entire Cloud infrastructure.

Dell PowerProtect Data Domain Series Appliances

Protect and manage your data with a fast, secure and most efficient protection storage appliance to simplify and obtain operational efficiencies for multi-cloud workloads. PowerProtect DD Series is the next generation of Data Domain, from the #1 in Data Protection Appliances & Software, now setting the bar for data management from edge to core to cloud.

Latitude Laptops

The world’s most secure, most manageable and most reliable business-class laptops with outstanding support.


Dell EMC Servers are scalable, flexible, and efficient solutions platforms with streamlined and intuitive management that help businesses meet changing missions.