Dan Wright is one of the Hunter’s leading IT entrepreneurs, with over 20 years experience working across a wide range of industries and developing innovative IT solutions to support businesses of any size and shape – from small businesses looking for basic support, through to enterprise-level organisations with requirements for sophisticated cloud infrastructures, massive levels of data storage, and reliable Disaster Recovery operations. 

After a career that included 10 years as a Technical Manager with Andor Systems, Dan identified that many businesses based in the Upper Hunter region of NSW were not able to access the IT services and support they needed to run their businesses effectively. To fill this gap Dan established ‘Regional IT’, an organisation initially providing pay-by-the-month server and telephony solutions to businesses in the Upper Hunter, which quickly grew to service clients outside the region and offer new IT solutions. 

In 2015, Regional IT and Maitland-based ‘MA Technology Solutions’ merged to form saberVox Cloud Solutions with Dan as Managing Director. Dan has driven innovation within the company, with the team one of the first providers in the Hunter to move clients to the cloud and offer cost-effective subscription services. In 2015, saberVox’s “3D in the Cloud” solution developed for architects and engineers was named by Citrix as one of the “Top 5 Hot Trends” for the year.

Under Dan’s leadership, saberVox has invested heavily in replacing, upgrading and adding new servers locally - as well as adding an enormous amount of storage - to make accessing the cloud much faster and more reliable than ever before for businesses based in the Hunter and beyond. saberVox now boasts more storage capacity than any other provider in the region, and are well-placed to offer Disaster Recovery and off-site storage back-up solutions to protect businesses from cyber-attacks such as the recent Petya ransomware virus outbreak. 

As well as being a passionate supporter of the Hunter Region, Dan also likes to help others further afield. In the two years before he established Regional IT, Dan was a Technology Adviser and Field Worker for the United Nations Volunteers operating in the Banda Aceh area of Indonesia. In this in this role helped establish internet access for businesses that were affected by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Dan worked side-by-side with hundreds of local Acehnese people and employed many in local businesses following the disaster.

Dan holds a Certificate in Business Administration from The University of Newcastle, and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.  

I think the biggest learning curve for me in being an entrepreneur would have to be around thinking big and the whole strategic thinking.

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