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We're saberVox Cloud Solutions, a Newcastle-based Cloud Service & and Managed Service Provider. With a team of many long-term staff, we've had experience managing clients from small to large.
Whether it be traditional on-premise Servers, full 365 cloud, or even Enterprise Private Cloud in one of our many Data Centres, we aim to find the right solution that meets the needs and budget for our customers.

Our Team

We are based in Australia, with Australian staff servicing the Australian market. We understand the importance being able to speak to our clients on their level to ensure they understand, and nothing is lost in translation.

We work with you and your team to determine exactly what you require. We identify exactly what it is that you and your company needs, and develop the most cost-effective solution(s) to meet those needs. We're lucky to be expose to many different technologies, so finding the right solution is easy!