Hunter-based RPF Building, Australia’s leading insurance repair specialist have for 30 years been assisting businesses and homeowners recover from the unexpected. With a highly transient national workforce who quickly respond to emergency situations, RPF often need to organise face-to-face meetings for their staff and contractors. 

Group Financial Controller, Andrei Gromek said, “we are in a business model that requires 24/7 operation. Calamities can happen at any time of day and anywhere across our nation, so we need an “always-on” environment to support our collaboration and shared data needs”. RPF called upon their trusted data systems advisor, saberVox who recommend three key tools to streamline their operating environment. This included Logitech Tap, Microsoft Teams and CloudFileSync.

  • Logitech Tap Video conferencing meant that RPF could have people spread across multiple sites easily meet together for regular and impromptu meetings, whether in the office or dispersed across the country. 
  • Microsoft Teams enable RPF to set up multiple collaboration channels (discussion areas) to conduct live voice and video meetings with any authorised user with a smart device or computer. 
  • CloudFileSync gave RPF a simple and secure way to share files with staff, contractors, insurance companies and their clients. It enabled RPF to provide visibility without risking breaches of compliance, while maintaining control of their data and privacy standards.

Andrei Gromek commenting on their long-standing association with saberVox said, “by moving our IT operations to the saberVox’s Private Cloud it has enabled us to be more responsive to fast changing environments, such as natural disasters. We are no longer involved in the day-to-day operation and maintenance of IT hardware and software”. 

RPF Building help to make insurance claims stress free. Highly skilled staff provide expert assistance in all areas of building repair and site recovery. 

Andrei continued, “utilising saberVox’s Private Cloud means data is now automatically backed-up to a remote data centre, with has multiple network connections, which practically eliminates risk of loss”. 

“Utilising the Private Cloud resources saberVox have assembled for us, means we can easily scale our computing resources to support our volatile operational requirements”, Andrei concluded.