20th April 2018
by Dan Wright

Cyber Security is one of the biggest industry buzz terms lately, you can’t have a conversation with someone regarding IT and not talk about it.

Cyber/Data Security is something that needs to be tackled from more than one angle. From the software & physical, all the way to the user, there  is a vulnerability into the system in some way shape or form.

HP’s Elite range of computers are on the cutting edge of the additional security level.
What if you were on a train and typing a sensitive email to someone and that person sitting next to you was glancing at your screen taking mental notes? HP Sure View will prevent them from seeing anything you don’t want them to.

Let’s say you clicked on a link or email that downloaded a virus and it infected your system at the BIOS level (yes, this does happen!)? HP Sure Start will detect this and automatically recover your BIOS.

How about getting Malware on your computer and it locks down your applications? HP Sure Run will make sure those critical applications still run for you.

You know those websites that contain nasty viruses and malware? HP Sure Click will help protect you at the browser level.

A password is rarely good enough, especially when you use simple passwords. HP Multi-Factor Authenticate will add additional security with things like fingerprints and facial recognition to ensure the person who is logging into that computer is you!

Not only do the new HP Elite range of computers have all these extra built-in security features, they also look great too! – check out the new HP Elite range now.