9th January 2018
by Dan Wright

As we have all heard in the news, security of information assets is becoming more critical for Australian businesses. Data is a commodity which can be bought and sold to whoever sees it as valuable. 

I often have people tell me that their data is extremely sensitive and needs a high level of protection. I would now argue that all company data is extremely sensitive and businesses need to put security in place in proportion to the risk of losing their data. 

The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) in the last 12 months has upgraded their advice when it comes to protecting businesses data. Formerly known as the TOP 4, it is now known as the ESSENTIAL 8 and are considered an absolute minimum for protecting data. 

Within the last 6 months, the ASD has developed a maturity model where the standards are categorized into a level of maturity and compliance. The higher the maturity the better the protection that the business has in place. 

At saberVox we can help your business adhere to these standards. As they change from time to time, we keep up to date with the changes and can implement these accordingly.