6th April 2018
by Dan Wright

With Internet speeds being faster than ever, as well as more and more applications being Cloud hosted, businesses are starting to ask themselves “do we even need that Server anymore?”

There’s a good chance the answer is “no”.

Traditionally, businesses would use a Server (whether located in their office or in a Data Centre) to store company data, control user accounts & security, controlling emails, as well as hosting applications etc.

There’s a high possibility that your business ERP, CRM or Accounting software can now be hosted in the cloud. If it can, why are you still paying to maintain that Server when you can have everything else your business needs hosted securely in the cloud?

Emails, security software, company data, even your user accounts - they all can be managed via your private cloud service.

This all may sound new and scary, but most of this technology has been around for years, it’s just better, faster, and more importantly, cheaper!

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