8th December 2016
by Dan Wright

The best way to safeguard against infection from any cryptolocker, including the now famous WannaCry and WannaCrypt is to avoid clicking on any links sent via email.

Please discuss this with your staff and ensure they understand the damage this can do to your system and your business uptime.

We offer packages for all size businesses covering backups as well as systems to ensure if you are struck with a virus like this, your downtime will be minimal. If you are interested in talking to us regarding this, please contact our office on 1300 788 515.

Please feel free to download the flyer below and place in lunchrooms, print rooms, use it to discuss this at the next staff meeting, or generally do whatever you feel is necessary to educate your staff around this issue.

If in doubt, do not click the link. If you find yourself infected, pull the power to the machine immediately and call us on 1300 788 515. It is important that you pull the power immediately.