At saberVox, we want to help not-for-profit businesses soar.

We believe that technology can empower organisations to make a big impact; whether large or small.

With Microsoft technology supporting us, we are well-positioned to accelerate your mission and value principles to drive outcomes and objectives -allowing you to focus on what matters most -your customers and clients.

saberVox has access to Microsoft’s considered pricing for their M365 suite and beyond, allowing for discounted or donated platforms. We will walk you through the process of attaining discounted rates available to NFP’s, rather than paying commercial rates.

We have the tools to empower your team that will support your business missions; as part of our offering, a dedicated Account Manager will work with you for real change, with innovative and secure solutions.

We also understand a thoughtful approach to NFP companies is essential and are fortunate to support several businesses within this not-for-profit vertical.

One such organisation we support is Mercy Services, providers of community and in-home support to those in the Newcastle and Hunter regions. This compassionate and proactive not-for-profit is a quietly substantial entity, employing 200 staff across varied sectors and services, with saberVox being at the front-line of their IT transformation and change management processes.

To read more on our work with Mercy Services, click here.

To learn more about our not-for-profit offering and pricing for Microsoft, contact us here.