Microsoft 365 Backup Education

Microsoft 365 Backup for Education

Almost all schools now utilise Microsoft 365 for student collaboration and productivity, especially since learning from home has become a normal part of the educational system in Australia.

The problem is that while Microsoft provides short-term retention and high availability for its Microsoft 365 (M365) data, there’s no native solution for long-term retention and data protection. Because of that, Microsoft urges organisations that use M365 to opt for a third-party backup solution.

Moreover, NSW Educational Institutions in Australia must comply with Functional Retention and Disposal Authority: FA387, specifically section 3 that highlights student record keeping.

Why Protect Your Microsoft 365 Data?

Protecting your Microsoft 365 data is vital for the following reasons:


According to the Notifiable Data Breaches Report for the July – December 2021 period, the education sector was among the most breached sectors in the country, accounting for 7% of the attacks. Most of the ransomware data breaches in schools and universities were caused by human error.

While Microsoft has built-in detection and security, the ransomware recovery process is made much easier and faster with third-party solutions across large numbers of users.

Accidental Deletion

M365 data deletion may happen by accident. Unless the data is retrievable from the Microsoft 365 Recycle Bin, you won’t be able to recover the lost data. Not to mention, counting on versioning as your only data recovery strategy is unreliable and inefficient. 

With our cloud M365 data backups, you’ll be able to locate and restore critical data quickly with no effort. 


Section 3 of the Functional Retention and Disposal Authority: FA387 requires educational institutes to keep student records backed up. This includes assessment, reports, attendance, admission, and welfare. If data loss happens, IT admins won’t be able to produce information for the authorities in case of a compliance request or audit. 

Loss of Service

Loss of service can happen due to various reasons, such as power outages, natural disasters, or hardware/software failure. 

Without a robust backup system in place, recovering your M365 data would be impossible. 

The Benefits of Backing Up M365

There are various benefits of implementing an M365 cloud backup solution in your school, which include:

Protect and Restore M365 Data

Creating M365 data backups allows you to protect your data in case of a cybersecurity threat or a retention policy gap. You can also restore the data easily and securely when required with eDiscovery. Furthermore, you can granularly recover specific bits of data or emails, and the process won’t take more than a few minutes.

You can also configure the backup frequency, as well as get backups delivered to your inbox automatically.


Our M365 backup services are flexible when it comes to how you can backup your data. Depending on your needs, you can choose between public cloud backup, on-premises backup, or a hybrid solution.

Public cloud backups are hosted on the providers served and can be accessed with a web browser, while on-premise backups are locally installed on your educational institution’s servers and computers.

Meet Legal Requirements

Our cloud M365 data backups make it easier for IT admins to find and prepare Microsoft 365 data quickly when requested by legal authorities.


When your educational institution grows and scales, its M365 data requirements will also increase. 

Our SaaS M365 backup solutions are scalable, meaning that you can deploy larger data backups when required without having to opt for another solution or provider.

Unify Management

Our SaaS M365 backup solutions enable you to centralise management and reporting for Microsoft 365 suite, so you don’t need to manually schedule jobs. With a single user interface and one policy for cloud, enterprise, and SaaS, protecting your data is easily managed with one application.

Control Access

With Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), you can adjust access permissions for each user on a granular level to prevent unauthorised access to your school’s M365 data. 

Block Out Attackers

Our M365 backup solutions are safeguarded with Multifactor Authentication (MFA). This adds an extra layer of security in case the admin credentials were compromised.

Introducing saberVox Backup for M365

If your educational institution is increasingly relying on the Microsoft 365 cloud services, now is the time to build a reliable backup strategy to protect your data.

At saberVox, we offer Veeam-powered enterprise-grade security for your Microsoft 365 data, enabling you to get the most out of the productivity suite without compromising data security and retention. 

By incorporating configurable environments, multifactor authentication, data loss prevention, information protection, and mobile device management, configuring, accessing, protecting, and restoring your educational institution’s M365 data will be a seamless experience.

Reach out to us on 1300 788 515 or fill out our enquiry form to learn more about our Microsoft 365 cloud backup services!

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