2023 Rate Rise Information

As of 1st January 2023, saberVox will be increasing pricings for all technical services.

For the last three years we have maintained our rates for technical services, however, due to a rise in expenses across the industry we have had to make some adjustments in order to continue delivering you best-in-class IT support.

This pricing adjustment will affect both our hourly base rates and our pre-paid rates.

Our base rate is now $190 per hour.

The adjustments to our pre-paid services will now be priced at;

  • Prepay30: $180 per hour
  • Prepay60: $170 per hour
  • Prepay80: $160 per hour

The pricing across our pre-paid plans is very competitive and makes for the best value.

For those with current and active pre-paid hours, we will be continuing charges at the agreed hourly-rate until all hours are exhausted. Should you have any questions, please get in contact with your Account Manager on 1300 788 515